Our training offer links the necessary level of knowledge closely to the practical skills at the core of what you do. Well over half a century of expertise and practical knowhow makes us a specialist in bespoke training requirements within the work place. Your fleet performs better and at lower costs with proficient operators. From the start, upon delivery our qualified training team will ensure that operators get the most out of the product.

Trained technicians will ensure that your machines are serviced, tested and maintained in good condition to the highest standards.

Please ask our Sales-Team directly for all questions regarding our training programme.

Jacek Szczepański

Deputy Director

for After Sales Service

phone: +48 41 36 52 157

fax: +48 41 36 52 121


Mirosław Pędzik

Training Specialist

phone: +48 41 36 52 128

fax: +48 41 36 52 121